Energy in balance

Welcome to a journey into the world of invisible energy.

"Energy flows where attention goes."

Create a vision  

Enjoy your visit on this wonderful planet by consciously creating your energy and your life. No longer wait for better times, but right now! Transform the everyday life into something special.

Gain clarity

Every journey begins with a first step, and that is first listening. Where are you right now and what do you want to achieve? What stresses you the most and for which problems are you looking for a solution? 
Listening creates a space that helps you gain clarity, let go of old structures and build something new.  

Individual solution 

Every person, every place and every situation is unique. We find creative and individual ways and solutions for you and your goals.

Ways to change 

Energy in Balance & Emotional Freedom

Coaching & Healing 

"A journey to an optimal state of balance"
No more energy or completely overtightened? No perspective on how to go on and your head is empty? Healing means getting back into balance. 
Overcoming fears, recharging your inner batteries and consciously shaping your life again. Learn new ways to cope with stress and train the ability to make healthy decisions, to act clearly and to feel really good!

Feng-shui  Acupuncture in space

"Turning your everyday life into something special!"

Home-office, learning and working at home creates a lot of stress when there is no more free space and "free time". Everything is focused on your own four walls and new demands need a new design for activity and relaxation. Transform your rooms and draw new strength and inspiration!



Landscape Design 

"A journey of transformation" 

Designing and healing places. 
Open spaces and gardens can do more than perform functions and created beautyfully. They can contribute to health, reduce stress, enhance quality of life, change energies and environments, promote biodiversity and be important building blocks in an ecosystem. Places can inspire, remind us of the future  and make visions come true. 

Jutta Brendel

"Perceiving and shaping energy."

Sailing has taught me to read the invisible wind and to see on the water and in the clouds how situations change. This has trained my perception of the invisible flow of life energy. Feng-shui translates simply as wind-water. It is a healing art with the goal of bringing the life energy in people and space into a healthy flow and balance. Feng-shui is acupuncture in space, inside and out. It is a way of understanding the transformation of energy and consciously directing it in a healing way. This is a subject that has fascinated me for a very long time and that I like to teach in consultations for private individuals and for companies, in planning and in seminars.  
After studying landscape architecture, I founded the company Pan-Design in 1992. ( Pan-Design means a design that integrate and include. It is my intention to design the visible space and the invisible space of energy and to connect design with healing.    
The sign of calligraphy means joy of life, that is the goal of my work.
In collaboration with architects and engineers of various disciplines, I design spaces that are more than the built space. I combine the down-to-earth, structured way of the engineer with the special abilities of a fine perception, intuition, empathy, creativity and healing work. The knowledge of the energetic connections between people and space enriches the special way of planning and consulting. My focus is on consulting, developing concepts and ideas for design and healing (inventory, preliminary design, design LP 1-3 ) and plant use.  
My special expertise is the fine perception of invisible energies and structures. As a kind of translator I translate your feeling "there is something wrong, but what is it and how can it be changed" into clearly understandable words and images and develop individual solutions for complex structures. As an engineer I know that for every problem there is a solution, which is developed step by step.  

If you would like to redesign your spaces and your energy or if you have problems in projects and are looking for a conversation for more clarity and energy, please call me. In a free information session I will be happy to clarify with you what is the most suitable and helpful offer for you from the "sea of all possibilities".
+49 (0) 4508 625 9141 I look forward to talking to you!

To a good cooparation and cocreation

Contact me by phone or by mail and we will find out, 
what I can do for you, so that your visions become reality.